March to the 19th Phase III: Sharing


Countless historical women’s stories have been pushed to the side, buried, or hidden across Tennessee. Their stories must be rescued.

Phase III: Sharing the women’s history all around us.

Women have always been present in the Tennessee and American experience. Now that we have been all over Tennessee gathering these stories in Phase I and II, it’s time to share them.

March to the 19th will create a This Day in History calendar. But not just any This Day in History calendar. Each day, we will share content that focus on persons, events, objects, and places associated with a particular day in Tennessee history…through the women’s contributions to those moments.

Help Build the Tennessee Women’s History Calendar!

Is there a Tennessee women’s history story that you have always loved and want to know more about? Is there an event in history, and you’ve always wondered…was there a Tennessee woman involved? Is there a myth or story you’ve heard over and over, and always wondered if it was true? What events or parts of history do you want to know more about? As we build this calendar, we want to make sure it has you in mind, and the things you are interested in learning about. Please click here to give us your input!

For museums, sites, and collections: We have a special survey for you. For those who work, volunteer, or are associated with a Tennessee museum, site, or historic collection, library, etc., please take this version of the survey. This is your chance to spread the word about your women’s history!